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2016: A Retrospective

As 2016 draws to a close the flood of "Best Of" lists start to overtake this subreddit. While many of the threads can quickly become an echo chamber of the temporal hotness, I enjoy the opportunity to be a bit retrospective about what I've played, what I've enjoyed, and why I invest so much damn time (and money) into this "hobby".
2016 was an interesting year for me. Personally, I started working from home, we had a baby, my wife's brother almost died, my sister moved away, my 5 year old started Kindergarten, and I've lost almost 80 lbs. And the emotional ebbs and flows of all of this seemed to mirror my waxing and waning interest in the boardgame hobby.
For a good period, through the middle of year, I lost the time, effort, energy, and even interest in trying to say up to date on which new company Asmodee had acquired, how many minis are included in that new Kickstarter, or what Jamey Steigmaier was eating for lunch. I missed quite a few consecutive game nights. And not even by force, but sometimes by choice.
Now, I have tendency to fall down rabbit holes when it comes to my interests. There was that time I was committed to investing in Bitcoin. And that time I was going to start doing woodworking. And that time I wanted to start writing. And last night when I was up until 2 am reading about Syria. It's just what I do. I blast off into what interests me in the moment like rocketship screaming toward the sun, only to lightly singe my arm hairs before I dramatically veer off, and head in a different trajectory.
Was that boardgames? Did I lose interest? Have I tossed aside the cardboard crack? Was Eric Lang no longer the one and only true god? (All praise Lord Lang!)
I had a twinge of guilt, though. When building my boardgame rocketship I recruited a crew of starbound veteran and rookie gamers to join me. This rag tag group eventually became my partners and competitors in weekly game nights. Could I abandon ship, escape from the aliens in outer space, and leave them floating like a poorly executed round of Galaxy Trucker? No. I had a duty. haha. I said doody.
So after a few weeks, maybe months away, I went to game night. I didn't really want to go. I wasn't looking forward to learning a new game or even relearning an old game, something that had once before emblazoned my passion. But I went, to see if there was some cardboard there that might rekindle my interest. Or to confirm it was time move on.
And that night I realized something, sitting at that gaming table, sitting there with those people. I still loved boardgaming, but it wasn't for the reasons I always thought I did. It wasn't those badass minis, it wasn't the sweet sweet variable player powers, it wasn't the 314 little teeny tiny colored cubes flying across the table after Josh bumped MY GODDAMN PLAYER MAT AGAIN. Those things weren't what made the hobby amazing. It was that darn rag tag crew of fellow boardgame space cadets. It was the people. The people I played games with. The people here. The people on BGG who contribute selflessly thousands upon thousands of images, reviews, and files just because they are so freaking passionate about some dumb chits. I don't love this hobby for the cardboard. I love this hobby for the people who love the cardboard.
So, I refuelled my rocketship with a few new purchases, flipped the sand timer like a countdown clock, and am ready to continue to ride this fully meepled rocket into every damn Tiny Epic Galaxy and beyond Balderdash.
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