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So decided to check my country's companies on buttmap...

I live in Greece and since we have capital controls buttcoin should be thriving !
So for Athens we have 23 companies listed on Buttmap. Not too bad if you ask me!Let's see what they are up to. Remember I am only checking the websites,no phones or walk ups to check out if they are real.
1:Cibo Matto:Italian Restaurant . Looks legit,says it accept bitcoin. http://www.cibo.gCibo/Cibo_Matto.html
2:Smart NS: small IT services shop,absolutely no mention of bitcoin on site. http://www.smartns.gen/index.html
3.Berry advertising: small advertising agency hardly any info at all on site,nothing about bitcoin. http://www.berryadv.g
4.Bike Lounge: sells bikes, whole website is just an image.Nothing about bitcoin. http://bikelounge.g?ref=coinmap.org
5.Jaw surgery doctor: Nothing about being able to pay with bitcoin on site. http://www.maxillofacial.gindex.php?option=com_content&view=featured&Itemid=301
6.HOLY CRAP. That seems to be a throat doctor that not only claims to accept bitcoin but fucking DOGECOIN aswell.Site looks like something straight out of 1994. http://www.e-orl.g?ref=coinmap.org
7.InternetQ. "Mobile marketing company" (aka spams your cellphone with sms).No mention of bitcoin anywhere. http://www.internetq.com/
8.Lawyer office.Site isn't even ready.40% completed. 2 years on coinmap and site isn't even ready yet. http://tsakoumi.com/uc/?ref=coinmap.org
9.Datalive: They sell some kind of office software.No mention of bitcoin on their website. http://www.datalive.g
10.Art Kolonaki Gallery. Site offline http://www.artkolonaki.com/?ref=coinmap.org
11.There seems to be a buttcoin ATM here operated by Bitchain.No clue if it is actually there or not.
12.Lawyer's office. No website just phone and e-mail.Cannot verify.
13.Pirate Party of Greece.No comment.However they do accept bitcoin and litecoin for donations. https://www.pirateparty.gdonate/
14.BitnWise:Hosting company.All prices are on USD.However they say they use OK Pay but OKPay doesn't support bitcoin anymore. https://www.bitnwise.com/about/
15.Tavern Angelos : Greek cuisine restaurant,link is a facebook page with lots of cringy bitcoin stickers/t-shirt photos so I am going to assume that they accept bitcoin. https://www.facebook.com/tavernagelos
16.Appwell: App making company,site is a mess I can't find payment options. http://www.appwell.net/?ref=coinmap.org
17.ITsys: IT/computer shop,accepts wire transfer,credit/debit,cash on the spot and even Paypal.But no bitcoin. http://www.itsys.gtropoi-pliromis.html
18.http://www.photothemata.g Site Offline.
19.BitcoinsMArket (sic).No site,no phone,no info.Must be a fortune 500 company.
20.Brama Yachts.WOAH CAN I BUY A YACHT WITH BITCOIN? No. Prices are USD and Euro only. http://www.bramayachts.com/rates.php
21.Voice Solutions:Company that sells voice equipment but doesn't mention bitcoin anywhere just filthy euros. http://www.voicesolutions.g%CF%80%CF%81%CE%BF%CF%83%CF%86%CE%BF%CF%81%CE%AD%CF%82/%CF%80%CF%81%CE%BF%CF%83%CF%86%CE%BF%CF%81%CE%B5%CF%82.html
22.Bitcoin Greece:Yeah that is a website that buys bitcoin for you(?).99% sure it's inactive or scam or both. http://www.bitcoingreece.g?ref=coinmap.org
23.Web Toner :They sell toner and printer consumables.Bitcoin posted right there on the first page. http://web-toner.g?ref=coinmap.org
So 7 Places out of the 23 (~30%)listed actually seem to be accepting bitcoin in a 5.000.000 city full of people that have waited many hours in ATM queues. The revolution has started.
We do not forgive ,first they laugh but then we do not forget that they laugh again because this is good for bitcoin.
Up for some fun fellow shills?Check your city's listed companies and find out your percentage!
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